June 2018
Department For Transport & Highways England To Increase Lorry Parking

The government has recently stated that it would be looking to improve the situation for business-as-usual lorry parking. They have published the results of an in-depth survey carried out on the national picture of overnight lorry parking in England. Highways England have begun to analyse their landholdings in order to identify sites with the potential to be developed into lorry parks. Initial work suggests that this might facilitate a total of around 1,500 additional parking spaces nationwide. Detailed feasibility work will be undertaken in the next 6 months.

Department For Transport & Highways England To Increase Lorry Parking

The detailed information in the report will help local planning authorities to understand the nature of the issue better, at both a regional and local level. However, it is important to note that developers are already responding to what is currently a mismatch between supply and demand. There are planning applications in the pipeline which it is estimated would, if delivered, equate to over 1,000 additional spaces across the country, but many more will be needed as we moved forward.

May 2018
Tesla Aims To Manufacture 100,000 Electric Trucks Per Year

Tesla Semi aims to manufacture 100,000 electric trucks per year, say Elon Musk. 100,000 trucks per year would position Tesla Semi as one of the leading truck manufacturers in the world though some of them are already producing more trucks per year. Researchers have determined that an electric truck might be feasible for short or medium range hauling, but not for long-range hauling.

Tesla Aims To Manufacture 100,000 Electric Trucks Per Year

The Tesla Semi is an all-electric battery-powered Class 8 semi-trailer truck prototype which was unveiled on November 16, 2017 and planned for production in 2019 by Tesla, Inc. The company initially announced that the truck would have a 500 miles (805 km) range on a full charge and with its new batteries it would be able to run for 400 miles (640 km) after an 80% charge in 30 minutes using a solar-powered "Tesla Megacharger" charging station. Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that the Semi would come standard with Tesla Autopilot that allows semi-autonomous driving on highways.

April 2018
Biofuel Targets Come Into Force For The UK Transport Sector

New biofuel targets have come into force during April 2018 with specific aims to see more usage of renewable fuels in the UK transport industry sector double within 15 years. The objective is to cut the sector's reliance on imported diesel. Changes to the Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation (RTFO) will target suppliers of 450,000 litres or more of transport fuel a year, to make sure the mix is at least 12.4% biofuel by 2032. Currently the industry, which supplies fuel to transport companies such as haulage firms like NWT are expected to meet a target of 4.75% biofuel. The new measures will see the percentage of renewable fuel required in mixtures increase from 4.75% to 9.75% by 2020, and 12.4% by 2032.

Biofuel Targets Come Into Force For The UK Transport Sector

New Government rules will see renewable fuel use double in just two years if targets are met. Commenting on the changes, Transport Minister Jesse Norman stated the following; “We are committed to reducing carbon emissions from transport to tackle climate change, and to making the sector as sustainable as possible. Increasing our use of renewable fuels is a key part of this. The changes we are introducing will double our carbon emissions savings from the RTFO scheme by doubling the use of renewable fuels and reducing reliance on imported fossil diesel. This will deliver emissions savings equal to taking hundreds of thousands of cars off the road.”

March 2018
Non British Lorries May Be Charged Per Mile On UK Roads

The UK Government Transport Secretary Chris Grayling recently announced that there was consideration being given to a new scheme that would see non-British trucks and lorries using UK roads being charged per mile of road usage. The plans are at the consulting stage whereby a system would be introduced to ensure non-British transportation and haulage firms are charged for using the UK road and motorway system.

Non British Lorries May Be Charged Per Mile On UK Roads

Explaining the proposals for lorries, Chris Grayling said: “It’s about creating a level playing field for lorries. “Our hauliers will complain that a continental truck, it comes in with a tank full of low duty diesel, spends several days working in the country, goes away again, and pays nothing towards the use of the roads.

February 2018
Four Cities In 1 Hour New Northern Rail Plan Unveiled

The UK Government has recently announced a plan for a Northern Powerhouse Rail “Fast Line” between Leeds, Bradford, Manchester and Liverpool. The new line would allow for millions of people to reach these four cities in less than 1 hour. Transport for the North (TfN) has proposed a new train line as part of the plan which would also boost freight services. A Strategic transport plan has been created by TfN which can be downloaded.

Four Cities In 1 Hour New Northern Rail Plan Unveiled

The total cost of the plan is expected to be around £69bn equating to £2.3bn a year. HS2 is central to the development of NPR, and the planned inclusion of new junctions and stations is hoped to link Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds and Sheffield via high speed services, with upgraded lines connecting Hull and Newcastle to the rest of the network. It also details a new Trans Pennine line between Manchester and Leeds via Bradford, along with upgrades to the Hope Valley line from Sheffield to Manchester via Stockport

January 2018
HGV Class 1 Day Driver Vacancies At Newell Wright

Due to recent expansion Newell & Wright have several day driving vacancies for HGV1 Class 1 drivers based in the Sheffield region to operate from our central location. We employ over 300 personnel, many of whom have remained with the company as we have expanded. We can attribute our growth and success to delighting our customers, old and new, with the value for money and excellent all round services that we provide.

HGV Class 1 Day Driver Vacancies At Newell Wright
  • Bulk Cargo Handling Specialists
  • Container Loading / Unloading
  • Container Haulage
  • Export Packing & Case Makers
  • Packaging Material Suppliers
  • Multi-Model Global Freight Forwarding Solutions
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Shipping Documentation Services
  • Vehicle Export Specialists

Contact Newell & Wright Group on 0114 2444 836 and speak to one of the team. Alternatively, you can contact us via e-mail on careers@nwtransport.com.

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